How To Be A great Leader?
February 24, 2020

How to grow the leader inside of you.

In this blog, BluEagle Founder Fareed Shakhatreh is going to write about the foundation of leadership which is Trust and giving. 

 How To Become A great Leader?

Leadership is about getting follower’s trust and respect. Everything starts with trust, without trust there is no leadership. People trust people that share the same believes and values. Company is a group of people who has common values and believes. When we meet people who believe what we believe then trust becomes our common platform. When we trust our people, we are more ready to take risks. Group of humans who trust each other, are more ready to experiment new things and they are not afraid of failing. That explains why humans back in the old days lived within tribes or groups of people because our survival was depended on other people in the group. Human is a social animal and cannot survive without trust and feeling of security. As humans we are not good in doing everything so we need other people to help us in exchange of our own talent. We call it human benefit trades, but we need people who we can trust to ask for help. Human is not the strongest creature on the planet. For example lions, crocodiles, tigers and sharks are stronger than human, but because of our ability to work together as a group we are the strongest. But if we have a group of people who do not trust each other, no way they can handle dealing with one lion. Simply lion will eat all of them. Trust is important for survival.


Leadership is A bout giving Not Taking

Human in general needs fulfillment. Human gets fulfillment from helping each other and trusting each other. Helping each other will create inside of us joy and fulfillment. Fulfillment is designed from God or Mother Nature or call it whatever you want, to create happiness and collaboration inside our society, so we can build and grow. It is essential that we are helping each other. It is not based on getting something in return; it should come from the desire of helping each other. Generosity from inside is about giving, not taking, to create growth and prosperity. We live now in a society where everything is about me, me, and me. What do I get in return? And so on. That explains emptiness and materialism nowadays. People are not happy anymore because we have stopped trusting each other. All what matters is what I get in return. Narcissism feature is growing bigger in Millennium generation. Great leader needs to understand human behaviors, internal drives and fulfillment. (Fareed Shakhatreh, April 2019)

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