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March 25, 2020

n this interview, BluEagle owner is going to present how to improve dentist website,  why many dentist websites making them lose money in other way customer. Clear steps on how to improve your website.

How to improve dentist website?

Most of dentist website are missing many features that make them lose money on the table to their competitor. The reason is that they gave their website to web developer to take care of it and then it is not updated anymore which can give wrong impression about your expertise or your services that you have developed during the time. Website tools and digital social media are playing big role on your website development which have not been taken care of. You need to make your website fresh with up to date fresh content. According to clients’ testimonials, website should be updated all the time with new blogs, new promotions and offers during low session using social media like Facebook to attract more clients.

To make your website stand out and to have an edge on your field you need to take care of these tips.


Top 10 tips on how to make dental website standout against your competitor:

  1. Mobile responsive website, according to recent studies almost 75% of people search your website on mobile devices while 25% on the desktop. If your website is not mobile friendly be sure customers will not keep reading your website and they will leave to better one.


  1. Create professional video where you present your service, clients’ types, most successful story, your unique special skills, your office, equipment and your team. Video should present you brand and your special service where you differentiate yourself from other dentists. Video should be compact and short, around 2 minutes maximum which you can use in social media when you want to launch a campaign.


  1. Content is king. It is crucial to have minimum 2 blogs per month and to send them to your subscribed email list. These contents should include all most searched word in google to create more organic traffic to your website.


  1. Make your website social media approved, which mean that you include all social media share button possibility, so more clients share your blog material and website link in Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, What’s up and etc. This will help your brand awareness to grow very fast and bring more customer to your clinic.



  1. Special offers and discount promotions in low session and around holidays are extremely important to keep customer flow consistent. Especially if your service can support certain time of the year, for example in summertime most customer prefers to make whitening their teeth, which is good time to launch promotions.


  1. Ensure that your website has all the certificates and awards you gain through your career path to give you an authority in your field. Show the images in your website.


  1. Create patient referral program, when an old patient refers new patient to you.
  2. Patient reviews and success story. Figure out who is your most influential patient and try to take written testimonials and show it in your website, to help attracting more similar clients. If you can do it in video it would be even better.


  1. Call to action button, to drive customer to fill their email address, telephone number where they can subscribe to your newsletter or blog post. Or call back service button or free of charge consultation call.


  1. Online calendar reservation which is connected to your outlook calendar or google calendar.

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