Most industrial bakery and frozen food industry spend more than one year to make decision
March 10, 2020

In this interview, BluEagle Owner Fareed Shakhatreh presenting why you need industrial bakery consultant to help move fast in your project.

Most industrial bakeries and frozen food industries spend more than one year to make a decision.

Decisions are to finance, purchase, plan and execute.

10 reasons are:

  1. Do not know which supplier to choose and lack of trust of supplier’s salesman.
  2. Lack of good layout design that utilize from factory space efficiently.
  3. Lack of good employee who can tell clearly what to do.
  4. Not availability of good employee or they are too expensive to hire.
  5. Bad work culture that confuse business owner based on egoistic employee.
  6. Lack of understanding legal terms, laws and supply agreement.
  7. Old experience with wrong technical solution and bad After sale service..
  8. Lack of knowledge to define right processing time that affect to project budget.
  9. Limited in budget.
  10. How to control product quality and hygiene.

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