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Helping Scandinvian companies to establish business in Middle East and visa verca by using digital marketing and eleminating cultural barriers.


Fareed is a Jordanian origin, who left Jordan in August 2002 searching for life fulfillment.  Before leaving Jordan he was a business owner for 7 years selling second hand car spare parts in city called Zarqa in Jordan. Fareed thought at that time being a business owner will give him financial freedom and money that can make him happy. But he was never feeling fulfilled and felt all the time there is something missing. He went through depression and lost the interest of doing anything and everyday of his life was just a second day nothing more nothing less.

Fareed traveled in 2002 to Europe without any specific plan or goals. He traveled to Germany then Sweden and finally settled in Norway 3 years. He lost all of his  saving. He worked with any available job just to survive that day. Life was challenging. Every day offered different experiments and expectations, things were mess but fun for a while.  Days began to have a meaning and new emotions and feelings started to grow. Depression went away and was replaced with stressful life style. Fareed was not happy due to lack of stability and predictability, also the future was unknown. He managed to save some money and started to grow again.  He left to Finland 2005 to start new business with one of his relatives in Finland. Business partnership failed due to separate vision and expectations. Then he met his future wife Katja with whom he went back to Jordan to marry her. New stage of Fareed had started after marriage.  After period of time living in Jordan with his Finnish wife he returned back to Finland. Fareed started to build himself from scratch again after losing all of his savings. Fareed thought marriage and making family would fulfill him and make him happy, but that was for a while. He was still searching for purpose of living and fulfillment.

In 2009 Fareed went to update his school engineering background by studying Mechatronics, Robotics, or in other words industrial engineering in Lahti University of Applied Sciences. Then he worked as project designer and he got 2 childern and bought a home and a nice car in Finland in 2013. Fareed become financially more strong. Life was stable and future was safe. Job was fun with good healthy working environment. He was able to travell and to visit his family in Jordan,  but he felt there is something still missing and never felt fulfilled.

In 2015 he became the regional sales manager for Middle East in Leipurin company  in Finland where he found happiness and fulfillment. Fareed was happy when he was coaching and training other team members on how to sell and how to manage their time and health. When he started to transfer his knowledge and experiment to other people and saw how this knowledge was changing other peoples lives, it was like magic.  Fareed found out that giving is more powerfull than taking. Fareed was wondering at that time, why it took so much time to figure out that happiness is in giving and helping other people and changing there lives. Fareed realized that we become during our lives more close because we are afraid to get hurt. We stop helping each other and sharing information and that is why we feel unfulfilled.

In 2017 Fareed went to study Master Of International Business Development in Lahti University Of applied Sciences in Finland. Then He started his own consulting business to help other business owner transforming their life by taking their business to next level.

Fareed strength is negotiation in high ticket sales, consultation, mentoring and coaching. plant layout design using 3D program Solidworks and digital Marketing strategy.

Fareed Shakhatreh’s biggest addiction is helping other people to succeeded and make it to next level, He is the winner of Lahti venture program competition 2018 in Finland for best business concept which has been carried out as a collaboration between the High University of Helsinki, Lahti University of Applied Sciences LAMK, Lappeenranta University Of Technology LUT and Lahti Region development LADEC.


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With our international team and experience on sales and management we can help you to open new doors for…


I do factory layout design using 3D program Solidworks for industrial bakery and frozen food industry….


We help you to upgrade your current web page to Arabic by creating suitable trendy …


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We help you to re-brand your product to fit into a new culture with a new segment, we try …


We build Arabic language social media marketing content and manage your social…


Designing digital sales funnels with online bocking or payment …


Creating monthly newsletter and blogs….


Helping in making website rank in google search …

Why Fareed? what is his Strength?

Fareed’s strength is motivation to other people and showing them the path of success, openness, sharing information and telling other people what to do quickly, easily and directly. Fareed can help you when you lack of certainty toward critical matter that require quick decision. Fareed can help with brain storming and opening your eyes for hidden opportunities, Fareed have connection and resources that he is more than happy to share it with you. Fareed already help many people in validating there idea and to move it to implementation phase. Fareed can help in risk management and build strategic smart decision. We are living in time when there is too much information around us and it becomes too complicated to know what to select and what to avoid doing. Fareed by his experience can show you the path of success and save you from risky decisions. Fareed can free your mind from open question and give you answers that give you peace of mind. Customers come to Fareed because of lack of certainty and they stay because of his community.

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